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What Calystegia proposes is a little piece of history, an alive memory of the past, patiently handmade, with meticulousness, thoroughly, according to gestures which the old generations taught us.
It is about these traditions that we would like to tell you here. Soon, time to time, Cailloubaton will propose a glance on a lore or an old trade.
Easy to use tools, effective and powerful

Single objects existing only in one specimen even when they make part of a collection or a serie.

Single pieces, because one by one handmade,
according to thetransmitted by our elders gestures.
And sell today on mobile !

That is also the meticulous work, patient and impassioned of some women and men which is proposed to you in our Calystegia shop.

That is because all are different that you will love each one of them.
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